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About AmrDor

Who we are: AmrDor products are natural plant based and freshly handmade to order in England. Following the brand philosophy to create high quality, healthy skincare for cosmetic improvement, preventative treatment & for curing and repairing of the skin holistically.
Why AmrDor: We never tested on animals and we use only 100% natural plant extracts that are: GMO free, Paraben free, SLS free, chemical free, Vegan & Halal friendly (Animal product free), with no added fragrances nor colourings. So therefore, nothing to cause any allergies or reactions whatsoever. Ideal for all skin types, any age, perfectly safe on children and baby skin.
Our products all work extremely well individually but give the full effect and are designed to be used together as a daily derma care system.
They are healthy for your skin/body being mild and gentle, keeping your natural PH levels and not drying your skin out.
They replace vitamins, oils, nutrients, minerals that are essential to keep your skin young and full of life.The 100% plant based natural seed oils in AmrDor Super Skin Serum promote the skin cells to grow stronger and healthier which then repairs the skin over time.
The oil regenerates the skin to grow and repair scars, burns, surgery scars, stretch marks, sun damage, aged skin, wrinkles, eczema, psoriasis, acne, uv damage....etc.
The range will increase as new ingredients and blends are sourced by our technicians. Only the best natural ingredients will be used and everything is hand made to order, so its fresh and no need to add preservatives.
Our Super Skin Serum and Gradual Tanning Oil are 100% pure of the finest quailty cold pressed from the plant seed. Nothing else added what so ever. Plus our product is a mix of the most effective natural oils known. Our Super Skin Serum has higher amounts of the world renown-wonder oils-sea buckthorn, argan, white tea & rose hip. It is even more effective!Our skincare is done the natural way. It works by naturally making the new skin cells grow stronger and healthier which gradually improves the quality of the skin reducing ageing, scars, wrinkles, pigments etc. It's a natural healthy and gradual process. Our quality products work from deep inside the skin slowly, giving long lasting results.


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